Six Unique Ideas for Creating a Photo Book Online

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Building a photo book online presents limitless opportunities. Standard photo albums have given way to digitally-designed photobooks because they take up less room and look great on the coffee table. While wedding and baby books will always be popular, there are numerous creative ways to use photo books. Below are several ideas for photo books that may be new to you.

Cook Book

Almost everyone has a special recipe we remember from our childhood. A recipe photo book is a wonderful method of compiling and sharing your old favorites and passing them on to your offspring. Suggest to your family that they add their own favorite recipes then scan and upload them as jpegs or you could add the text from within the photo book editor. Put in a few photos of some of the prepared dishes as well as of family members, include some anecdotes and you will have a wonderful memorial. You could make a copy for each family member. A cookbook is also a good means of fund raising. You can collect recipes from your group's members, create a cookbook photo book and sell copies as a fundraiser.

Portfolio Photobook

When presenting a portfolio of your work, professionalism and polish are key. Using a photobook with examples of your work looks clean and attractive. You can choose the layout and size that best fits your needs and add photos of your projects and text. Your portfolio will be printed and bound so you'll have a high quality book to show to prospects. A photobook portfolio could work for photographers, designers, landscape architects and many others.

Sporting Activities Year Highlights Book

A photo book of your kids' sport team is a sure hit. A printed and bound photobook could be a special gift for the team coach or additional books could be printed for the whole group. You can even share the photo book on line with teammates by sending them the link from the photo service.

Recount Your Family's History

Those old black and white prints and Polaroids you have stored are likely getting faded or changing color. To rescue them, get them scanned and then you can design a photo book round them. Consult with older relatives if you are not sure who some of the people are in the photos then compose a short family history to accompany the pics. Some people will create their family tree and scan it as a photo, then add it to their book.

Honor a Life Event

This might be done different ways. In celebration of a birthday milestone you could create a book filled with highlights of their life. For instance, for a 70th birthday book you could gather the person's baby pictures and childhood photos, cover their school years, wedding, babies, family vacations, work life, special life events and so on and create a memory photo book. Chronicle their life with interesting tidbits from their childhood and family life and you have a very special birthday gift for a loved one. This approach is also appropriate for creating a memory book about a loved one who has passed on.

School or Organization Scrapbook

A customized scrapbook for your kids' class or an organization is fun to make. To create a school scrapbook, have other parents contribute their own photos to cover classroom activities, class trips, talent shows and other events. It's easy to type in some text to describe the events and add some colorful clipart, and you will end up with a very special book for the teacher, as well as to share with class members.

Some online photo services allow you to share your photobook on Facebook, add it to your blog, or you can send a link to friends so they can view it online at the photo service.

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